Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Waiting 34 years for ...

In July we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary!  During those 34 years we have traveled to many interesting and exciting places.  However, when we first got married we talked about taking our  "dream trip" someday. Children, careers, family, and just day-to-day living took precedence over our dream.   But now, we finally did it! 


 We bought our tickets to go to Switzerland


We will be traveling in early September and be gone 11 days.  During this time we will spend a few days in Chamonix, France, home of the first winter Olympics.  From here we will make our way to Zermatt, then to Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen and the Jungfrau region, before making our way to Lucerne and then to Zurich.  We have a car rented but we will also be utilizing the wonderful Swiss trains, trams, and gondolas up the mountains.  But most of all, we are looking forward to the mountain hiking.  
The challenging part (for me, not Kevin) is that each of us will just be taking a backpack as our luggage. (Talk about downsizing and becoming a minimalist).  A lot of thought will have to go into my packing process.  I know I can do it because I've done it in the past.  Who wants to trudge through Europe hauling a wheeling suitcase? Not me! Next on the agenda...accommodations!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Visit to the Windy City

Last summer started a tradition with Brooke and her best friend Morgan.  They, along with myself, Morgan's mom and her grandma spent a week in New York City.  A few weeks ago we continued with the tradition by spending a few days in Chicago. Brooke and Morgan met over 10 years ago when they were on the same competitive swim team and have remained friends ever since.  Although they swam against each other from rival schools, their friendship never suffered. As they graduated from swimming and high school each went their separate ways to college.  Brooke to IU majoring in pre-med and Morgan who just got accepted in pharmacy school! When they were in middle school they talked of being doctors and practicing together.  Although this won't happen, it is interesting that they both chose careers in the science field.  They are like sister who were separated at birth. 

Morgan and Brooke
 In Chicago, we stayed in the heart of the theater district.  Although we didn't see a play (last summer we saw Wicked on Broadway), we were within walking distance to the subway, shopping and wonderful restaurants. Both girls love museums so we had a City Pass which permitted us to chose from several museums, the aquarium, the Skydeck (formally known as the Sears Tower) and the Hancock Building. We also visited Millennium Park, home to "The Bean."  Little did we know that "The Taste of Chicago" was going on at the same time we were visiting.  It was literally total chaos with thousands of people everywhere.  And to top it off, BonJovi was in concert at Soldier's Field. We made the best of it with perfect weather, wonderful food, and great company.
The Chicago skyline and marina make a beautiful backdrop

The Shedd Aquarium

"Sue" at The Field Museum

"The Bean" in Millennium Park

"The Bean" at night with the Chicago skyline

Our feet on the plexiglass platform at The Skydeck cantilevering over the city below

View from the Hancock Building Observation deck looking south

View looking north up the shoreline
 The girls are already scheming for next year's trip! Oh, so many choices...