Scrapbooking is a hobby that I started over 10 years ago for a creative outlet. I had the intent of making scrapbooks for our three daughters to display at their graduation parties. However, I can say that I have not totally finished one. They appear finished to a non-scrapbooker, but my "Gems" know this is not the case.

Speaking of the "Gems", we are a group of 8 longtime friends who meet once a month to eat, visit, and yes, even scrap.  The last few years we spend a weekend in the fall at a scrapbook retreat. These weekends are a time when we can scrap until we crap out. Our name " The Gems", was born at our latest retreat. The acronym stands for Girls Embellishing Memories through Scrapbooking.  We have been together through births, graduations, marriages, and deaths of our loved ones. I can't think of any other women that I would want to share my life's journey with. These gals truly are "a girl's best friend."

"The Gems"
Back row (left to right): Me, Deb, Ann, Cathy
Front row (left to right): Jane, Sarah, Joyce, Terry

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