Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas and the Holidays: Part 1

Another Christmas has come and gone and the new year is just a few minutes away.  I thought I'd share some photos from our first family celebration. 

Homemade hats and scarves

Alyssa and Andrew

Santa and Mrs. Claus

A funny picture


Uncle Dave and Kym

Goofing around
Kevin, his mom and brothers

Kym and Tim

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of our family Christmas.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Galloping Gobbler Thanksgiving 4 Mile Run

Nothing like being almost a month late on our race recap; but better late than never.  The past few years we have run the Kids Campus 5K but this year we decided to switch things and run The Galloping Gobbler 4 mile race sponsored by The University of St. Francis. This race runs through part of the campus and a very hilly cemetery.  The race was large, with over 3000 runners braving the bitter cold temperatures.  The 4 mile race started about 20 minutes late due to a malfunction of the timing equipment.  
Not my favorite shirt color 
Packet pick-up was quick and well organized

Brooke and an old swimming buddy

Pam (my wonderful sister-in-law), Brooke and Tom
 (my  brother)

Two of my favorite people

Start of the race

Customary pre-race shoe picture

The large American flag along the course

We saw pilgrims, Indians,and turkeys on our run 

One mile complete, only 3 to go

Mile 2, halfway done

Blow up turkey at mile 3
The finish!

Wonderful architecture on our walk back to the car

Ice forming on the campus lake

Official time by my watch of course! (Sorry about the angled picture)

Now it's turkey time!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring Veterans

Thanks to all the men and women who are serving or have served our country so that we may have the freedom to live our lives without fear. This artwork is from the students at my school in honor of all our veterans.  Thank you!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

A house divided...Purdue or IU

Last weekend Purdue, this weekend IU

Last weekend was my fall break so we headed to Indiana University to visit Brooke for a few days.  Just the weekend before we were at Purdue running the Boilermaker Half Marathon.  Being a Purdue grad, it was fun being able to run through campus.  However, I have come to love the campus of IU equally as much.  Instead of brick buildings found on Purdue's campus, IU boasts magnificent structures created with limestone from Indiana. 

IU Football stadium

The Sample Gates

A beautiful campus

Brooke's biochemistry classroom

IU sightings around campus

Art Museum surrounded with colorful autumn foliage

Brooke and I pose in front of the Showalter Fountain

Beautiful trees abound on campus

IU's Assembly Hall...Home of the HOOSIERS!

Brooke and Herman Wells relaxing on a Saturday afternoon

Brooke's favorite building on campus

Brooke's two favorite places to eat

It's always hard to say goodbye.
Until next time...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arthritis...A painful way of life

For the past decade I have been dealing with a painful foot which I was told was a bunion.  This was the diagnosis from one of the best orthopedic foot doctors in our area. However, after years of using bunion pads, toe spacers, and a bunion splint worn at night, I have had no relief. 

My bunion paraphernalia

This led me to research bunion surgery options.  After searching the web and watching several you-Tube videos I knew this was NOT the route I wanted to take.  So I decided to make another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for an update on my bunion dilemma. Since I wasn't able to see the one I saw years ago, I made an appointment with the other foot surgeon. An early morning appointment yesterday offered some answers to my pain. After several X-rays, he confirmed what I suspected for the last few months, Hallux rigidus or severe big toe arthritis. Along with arthritis I also have bone spurs on the top of the bone of my big toe. OUCH! No wonder it feels like I have been walking on glass shards.  If I were younger, he would recommend a clean- up of the affected joints. At my age, the options are joint replacement, bone fusion, or custom carbon orthotics.  Since I dislike needles I am going with the orthotics.  Hopefully they will offer some relief.  Although my foot is painful, nothing compares with the constant pain from the arthritis of my hands.  Unfortunately there is nothing that will offer relief from this pain.  

Right hand with crooked pinkie

Left hand with bulbous fingers and crooked pinkie

My joints are already dreading the cold weather. Thankfully only 6 months until Spring!