Thursday, October 31, 2013

A house divided...Purdue or IU

Last weekend Purdue, this weekend IU

Last weekend was my fall break so we headed to Indiana University to visit Brooke for a few days.  Just the weekend before we were at Purdue running the Boilermaker Half Marathon.  Being a Purdue grad, it was fun being able to run through campus.  However, I have come to love the campus of IU equally as much.  Instead of brick buildings found on Purdue's campus, IU boasts magnificent structures created with limestone from Indiana. 

IU Football stadium

The Sample Gates

A beautiful campus

Brooke's biochemistry classroom

IU sightings around campus

Art Museum surrounded with colorful autumn foliage

Brooke and I pose in front of the Showalter Fountain

Beautiful trees abound on campus

IU's Assembly Hall...Home of the HOOSIERS!

Brooke and Herman Wells relaxing on a Saturday afternoon

Brooke's favorite building on campus

Brooke's two favorite places to eat

It's always hard to say goodbye.
Until next time...

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