Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friday Night Run and Fun

My weekend started off with a long, hilly run through the country with Kevin and Kym, aka, "The Beast." We have a half marathon next weekend and are trying to squeeze in as many quality runs as possible.  The weather was gorgeous and a little on the warm side.  I regret that I didn't take my camera because the scenery changed with every turn.  Instead, I took pictures with my mind.  My favorite was an old red barn with ivy growing up the side.  The hills were undulating and varied in steepness.  We finished just before dark, being followed the last few miles by our shadows elongated on the road ahead of us.  Another run done.  Not fast at all, but done nonetheless. After, we shared a pizza and salad with Kym, watched a little Grimm and Shark Tank, and promptly fell asleep before the ending.  Oh well, that's what HULU is for.

Starting Out
 (the hills start at the end of the street)

Love my Ravenna 4's

After the run (a little over-dressed)

Like I said, not fast, but done!
 Ran 2 min/Walk 1 min intervals

My favorite running companion.
  Ipod Nano, green of course!

Kali with her rawhide
Nala looking fat and sassy

Looking forward to my usual Saturday lunch at McAlister's! Love their sweet tea.