Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Running Around Roanoke

Saturday I ran the Discover Roanoke 10K with my husband and our oldest daughter, Kym.  I ran this race last year with Kym and was pushed WAY beyond my comfort zone.  She is a beast, taskmaster, and motivator all in one small package.  We ran the 10K extremely hilly course in about and hour and 9 minutes (a PR for me).  This year, she started out with my husband and myself, but left us behind at mile 2.  She wore a neon yellow running jacket which was easy to spot as she waved back at us from half a mile away.  Needless to say, she crossed the finish line about 10 minutes ahead of us.  This wasn't my fastest 10K but it was enjoyable running with my husband.  We talked non-stop through the relentless hills, pelting ice crystals, and bone numbing cold.  Instead of running continuously, we ran for 2 minutes and then walked for 1 minute.  This is the interval that we plan on using for the Mini-Indy Half Marathon next weekend in Indianapolis.  We finished with a time of 1 hour 19 minutes.  Not bad when you factor in the hills, frigid temps and lack of training.  Following our post-race tradition, we went out for a celebratory pancake breakfast at the local family owned diner.  You should see the size of their pancakes!

 Our obligatory pre-race shoe picture.  I'm wearing my new Brooks Ravenna 4 shoes.  I'm a Asics girl through and through, but I LOVE these shoes.  Colorful shoes are a must for me. When the miles get tough I can look down at my shoes and smile!

 Rooster hair!  It was so cold that I had to wear my fleece headband over my visor to keep my ears warm.

Kym and Kevin keeping warm before the race

 Starting line...simple ready, set, go to start the race

Our first house was in Roanoke.  I never thought that when we built this home 25 years ago, that someday I would be running past it in a race.  Looks the same as when we sold it back in 1989. It is quite ironic that our daughter and her husband bought their first house in Roanoke as well.

 Heading towards the finish line...Kym ran back to run us in

 Official finish time.

 Love my new Garmin Forerunner 10!  I have the Garmin 110 but this one is green (my favorite color)!

Another race completed.  Now time to eat!

Look at the size of this pancake!  It's as big as my head, and that's big.


  1. Great job on the race. Saturday was not a fun day to be outside! I hope you have a great time in Indy - at least it won't be as hot as last year.

  2. Now that's a big pancake...since I know how big your head is! Haha :)

    Love the rooster-tail picture of your hair. I can't believe you actually posted it for the world to see!