Sunday, February 9, 2014

REO Speedwagon...A Step Back in Time

Friday night, we traveled to Ball State University to attend the REO Speeedwagon concert. It was a step back in time for us as we re-visited the campus where we received our master's degree back in 1989.  More importantly though, it brought back memories of listening to the music from our youth. For those too young to remember, REO Speedwagon is an American rock band that was formed when they were students at the University of Illinois in 1967.  They are identified by their most popular songs; "Keep on Loving You", "Take It On the Run", and "Can't Fight This Feeling." As I looked over the crowd in the auditorium I was surprised to see so many young faces.

A mixed age group of fans

Bruce Hall (bass guitar) and Kevin Cronin (guitar)

Neal Doughty (keyboards the only original member since 1967), Bryan Hitt (drums), Kevin Cronin (lead vocal), Bruce Hall (bass guitar), and Dave Armato (lead guitar)
Bruce Hall's solo
Bruce Hall and Dave Armato dueling guitars
Back for an encore performance
Kevin Cronin, Bruce Hall, and Dave Armato 

Music truly does bring generations together. 
Oh, what a night! Wait, isn't that a song from Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons?  I guess I really am telling my age!


  1. I never saw REO Speedwagon in concert back in the day, but I loved their songs - was this concert one big sing-a-long? :)

    1. Surprisingly it wasn't. The audience sang along to their most popular songs. REO sang for 90 minutes non-stop with unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. You would have loved it!