Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two Tickets to Paradise...

 This winter has been brutal. Two months of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and more than 2 weeks of missed school makes this winter one for the books. So...what's a girl to do, but head off to the sunny and warm state of Florida for a few days. After a 2 hour delay (this has been a familiar phrase this winter), we landed in Florida. 

Sandman instead of Snowman

Sandpipers looking for food
Residence Beach, Marco Island, Florida
Fit2Run in Naples where we picked up our race packet
Race shirt, bib, and medal

The race started and ended at the Florida Sports Park, home to the famous swamp buggy races.

Paradise Half Marathon Race stared at sunrise. The race was fairly small with only about 650 runners running the 5K, half, and full marathon combined. 
Alligator warning along the course
Such a beautiful half marathon course!
Lely Resort, Naples, Florida

Our shadow running buddies

Stopping for a picture at mile 12
The finish line is just ahead!
Finishing in front of the stadium

Finished our first half-marathon in 2014 with our longest training run only being 5 miles
Our official time. We stopped twice for potty breaks and several times to stretch. and of course take photos.  Used a run/walk ratio of 1:1 
Iced mocha and chocolate filled donut after the race. Not the best recovery food but it sounded good!

Walkway out to the beach
Interesting sign, but so true!
Only in Florida!
Jolly Bridge connecting the mainland of Florida to
 Marco Island
Standing in the driveway of Kevin's mom's house on
 Marco Island looking down the beautiful street lined with palm trees and lush tropical foliage. 

Beautiful homes and yachts on our boat ride out to the Gulf

Look closely at the lion on the right. He's wearing sunglasses! 

Made friends with the owner of this mansion. He asked us to come back and visit him when we return in March.
And yet another stately mansion

Sunset as we left Florida, heading toward stormy Indiana

This is what greeted us when we landed in Indiana. Over 6" of fresh snow on top of icy roads.

As they say, if you don't like the weather in Indiana, just wait a day because it will change.  Just two days after this snow storm we had 50 degree weather and severe thunderstorms.  


  1. How wonderful for you to escape winter for a bit - and big congratulations on your race!! I'm in awe that your longest training run was only 5 miles and yet you managed to finish the half marathon...and walk afterward, lol! Great job. :)

    1. It was wonderful to escape the snow for a few days. I'm really terrible about following a training plan. I start out great, but a few weeks into it, life seems to get in the way and I stray. In fact, the Disney Marathon that I did last year, the longest training run I did was 11 miles. My daughters and I ran/ walked the first 13.1 miles and then I walked the last 13.1 at 15 minute pace so I could finish in the time cutoff. I did it with time to spare but I wouldn't do that again.