Sunday, March 2, 2014

Battle of the Bobcats

Tuesday night my school hosted the first annual "Battle of the Bobcats" basketball game.  This game was between the kindergarten through second grade teachers and the third through fifth grade teachers. Our PTO put together the game in a way to culminate the weeks of fundraising our school had for Pennies for Patients, a charity to help students with life threatening illnesses. One of our third graders is a leukemia survivor and has been a featured success story for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. What we had, was an evening of fun that brought our staff, students, and community together.

The Orange Team!
Kindergarten through grade 2 teachers and staff.
 I'm on the floor with the neon green visor.
The Pink Team!
 Grades 3-5 teachers and staff.
They had youth on their side.
The Orange Team a.k.a The Shooting Stars
Running through the banner brought back memories from my high school days as a pom-pom girl
Our pre-game cheer!
The National Anthem
A little blurry but we played a mean game of basketball. I was the first to score a basket. I also made a free throw shot and added 3 points to our team's score. 
The Pink Team ripping through their banner
Our middle school cheerleaders came to cheer us on

Jump-ball with real refs!
The teacher who collected the most money for
 Pennies for Patients got a pie in the face
Teacher relays. Our Orange Team won this one adding 10 points for our team.
 Experience won over youth!
Cheering our relay team!
We let the students have their turn on the court.
 Each student could shoot a basket for a prize.
Our fantastic principal in the green participated as well!
I'm the one in the orange shirt in the foreground with slouched socks. My calves were too thick to pull my socks all the way up. 
More fun with the students

Final score: 16-16 Tie game!
 I think the keepers of the scoreboard added points so everyone ended up a winner.

With such a huge success of our first "Battle of the Bobcats," this is sure to be an annual event! 


  1. I LOVE the pictures!! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

    1. It was so much fun but my body really paid for it!

  2. Look at you all sporty! Go mama!

    1. Of course I had to dress the part!

  3. Hai Chris, thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to have new readers. Looks like you had a lot of fun during the battle.

    1. Fran,
      Thanks for reading my blog s well! I did have lots of fun playing basketball. I love reading about you and your beautiful country. My husband and I went to Switzerland this September and loved it! If we ever visit your country, maybe we could stop by and meet!

  4. Good idea! Switzerland is very pretty too. Most European countries are.