Tuesday, March 11, 2014

50 Degree Weather and a Run in the Park

Finally! Just what the doctor ordered. Yesterday the temperatures exceeded 50 degrees for the first time in months which made ideal running conditions. Kevin and I met up after work at the state park and planned on running on our favorite path.  However, with the recent storm, our path was covered in 2 feet of ice and snow. So we ran through the park on the roads, finishing almost 3 miles at a leisurely pace. As usual, I took lots of pictures to document out first "spring" run.
Temperature at 5:00 pm before our run

Running trail around the lake
Road through the campground
Fire Tower near the buffalo pen
Our leisurely run/walk with many stops along the way
Sweaty after our run
The frozen lake is located in the center of the park
Our snow and ice covered running trail was impassible
Freshly painted signage, ready for opening day
Park office proudly displaying the IU flag
Hopefully our trail will be cleared of snow soon so we can enjoy some more spring running! Can't wait to see the flowers peeking through the ground with their colorful faces soaking up the sun.


  1. What a lovely area for a run. We haven't had snow this year but I don't mind. I prefer looking at pictures of snow instead of having it here :)

    You both look so happy after your run, that run looks just what you needed.

    1. Running together always gives us a chance to catch up on the day. After 35 years of marriage there are still things to talk about!

      This is one of our favorite places to run especially when we can run on the trails. In the summer we run at the state park near our lake cottage. Can't wait for summer to get here!

      We have had so much snow this year that we could have shared some with your country. We got hit with another winter blast yesterday with ice and snow. We missed school yesterday and again
      today. Enjoy all those warm days for me!

  2. Looks like you and dad had fun!! :)