Monday, March 10, 2014

It's that time of year again...ISTEP testing in Indiana

March brings stress and anxiety for thousands of Indiana students with the much dreaded ISTEP exam. Today was the first day of testing, but also the first day of school after setting the clocks an hour ahead over the weekend.  It was also the first day of our extended school day (an hour added to each day), making up for the 2 weeks of school we missed due to snow.  To ease our 3rd grade students into the testing experience, we decorated their hallway with some inspirational banners sporting test taking strategies and positive reinforcement. This is their first round of testing, with tests next week and then again in April. Our Title I students were equipped with the tools necessary to handle their first test taking experience with success.

Good luck to all my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Title I students!


  1. I knew schools close down due to heavy snow but I never knew you had to make up for it. It makes sense because students have to learn a certain level in a year and 2 weeks can be a lot.
    Hope your students all did great on the test.

  2. We are required to have 180 student days of school a year. By adding time to our day we can prevent the school year going into the summer months. Some schools in the US go year round but not in our state yet. Last night we had another winter storm, this one bringing lots of ice and canceling school today. So this means we have to add an additional 6 extended days to our schedule. I'm beginning to think this will never end!

    My students were so focused yesterday during testing until one of the pre-school students pulled a fire alarm and we had to evacuate the building and wait until the fire department came and gave us the all clear. Needless to say, getting them to refocus was not easy.