Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beauty in the Park

Yesterday was our last run before our half marathon this weekend.  The weather was gorgeous and hot.  Temperatures were over 80 degrees when we started our run.  We have been wanting to run in the park but with all the rain lately the park trails have been flooded.  The last few warm days have allowed the puddles to evaporate and the trails to dry.  So, yesterday we ran our favorite 3 mile loop which starts at the pond and zigzags through the campground and back.  

Our favorite place to run

80 degrees at 6:30 pm when we finished our run

The lake where the loop starts.
 My friend's son got married here in the fall.
  Such an idyllic setting!

Trail 5 which is part of the W.O.O.F trail race

Quaint barn near park entrance

Start of our 3 mile run

Vibrant red-bud blooms

About 1/2 mile into our run.
 We walked the first 5 minutes
 and started running at this point.


Shelter at the campground.  Inside is a stone fireplace which is blazing during the W.O.O.F trail run.

Another entrance to Trail 5

Flowering berry trees

Zigzag path from lake to campground (my favorite part)

Right back where we started!

Wearing my new yoga style tank from Old Navy.  Love it because it is loose.   Lululemon orange wicking tank (on clearance for $10) underneath with my new pink Under Armour visor.  I ALWAYS wear a white one so I'm stepping out of the box on this.  I think I like my old white one better.

Back to the car

Another run done! We walked 5 minutes for a warm-up and walked 5 minutes for a cool down, so our pace is a slight bit  faster than what the watch shows.

Park's fire tower and bison pen (Yes, our park has a large area with bison.  Part of Trail 5 circles around their pen)

Beautiful spot for our post run stretching
 and recovery chocolate milk

Gatehouse at park entrance

When we finished our run we met a cute old couple that just finished their walk around the lake. After talking to them for several minutes, we discovered that they have been married for over 65 years!  They were both 87 years old and going strong.  They commented on our running shoes being bright and colorful and that our teeth were SO white.  I had to chuckle because they repeated this over and over.  After they left, Kevin turned to me and said," you are looking at our future."My response to him was that if I was that healthy and able to get out and enjoy nature with my husband at 87, then I look forward to my future.

Good luck to everyone running a race this weekend.  I want to wish my friend, Kim, at good luck. She is running the Wisconsin Half this weekend and going for a PR.  Good luck Kim!

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