Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Too Hot to Run

Since I haven't run in over a week, I decided that today after school was going to be the day.  Boy was that a bad mistake.  When I arrived at the park my temperature gauge in my car registered 83 degrees.  And this was at 4:30 pm!. But I was already parked and dressed, so I decided to stay the course.  I haven't run solo in over 6 months so it felt weird not to have a running companion to converse with.  

Intersection at the start of my run.  I always veer to the left, but today I decided to  turn right since I knew it would offer more shade.
This is the right branch that I took. Along my run I did not encounter a single sole.  I did however meet a cute bunny and  a  snake coiled on the path.  Snakes tend to stretch across this path, so I ALWAYS look down when I run.  If I stepped on a snake, the paramedics would have to resuscitate me.  I HATE snakes!
Left fork

If I went straight 

Fragrant flowers line the trail
This park is located just a few miles from a very large Amish community.  They frequent the park and this parking area is for horse and buggies only.  

One of Indiana's fire towers. The view from the top is spectacular!
Bison in Indiana
Trail around the bison pen

Double barbed wire fence to keep them in


These trees have no bark as a result of the bison rubbing their bodies on them.

Stairs leading to the lake.  My favorite place to stretch.

So pretty!

My swollen arthritic fingers after my run look like sausages.

Glad I ran in spite of the heat.  I ran my fastest mile since my hip injury last June.  I ran 3 miles with my second mile clocking in at a whopping speed of a 12:15 minute mile.  Although this is 2 minutes slower than my fastest mile a year ago, I am OK with this time because I did this with a 2 min. run/1 min. walk ratio.  Plus anytime I can finish a run uninjured and able to walk, it's a good run.



  1. I give you mad props for getting out there. It was hot at 9:30 a.m. when I went! I totally want to go to Oubache to run now.

  2. It's so hot out to run, but it's such a great feeling when you finish a run no matter the distance!!