Monday, May 27, 2013

Memories Made in Madison

A week ago my youngest daughter, my sister-in-law, and I  had the opportunity to visit my sister who lives in Madison, Indiana.  She is a veterinarian (graduated from Purdue) and practiced veterinarian medicine in Idaho before moving back to Indiana. Prior to her career as a vet, she was a registered dietitian (and still is).  She lived and worked in Salt lake City, Utah for many years before moving back to Indiana to pursue a degree in veterinarian medicine.  Not only does she have a heart of gold, but she loves her "clients" and treats them as if they are people.  Needless to say that when we get together we have a great time.  This was no exception. We spent the weekend perusing the quaint shops looking at antiques and handmade local items.  Along with the shopping, we dined at a local bistro with delicious cuisine. We ended our trip with a visit to the near-by state park hiking to the falls.  After that, we met up with my sister's best friend from college who lives in Madison with her husband.  We ate at a small tea room nestled inside a small winery.  Along with a winery, the grounds house wonderful gardens and greenhouses with herbs and flowers.  We said our good-byes and started our 3 1/2  hour journey home taking with us wonderful memories made only in Madison.
Isn't her house adorable?

 Her 3 cats (one has 3 legs) and her 125 lb. black lab.
Her other dog is camera shy.  Every time my camera came out, she turned her head.  It was too funny!

My sister-in-law, my sister, and Brooke in front
 of the town fountain.

Stepping out of her front yard is like a step back in time. 



The bridge over the Ohio River to Kentucky.  She drives across it everyday when she goes to work at the vet hospital in Louisville.  They are in the process of building a new one directly beside the old one. 

Downtown Madison

Wonderful food at the Greek owned bistro

Homemade hummus of course!

An historic mansion just a few steps from her house

Spectacular gardens overlooking the Ohio River

This state park is just a few miles down the road

Inside the lodge
The falls which the park is named after. Last year they were dry, not so this year. We took a short hike to see the smaller falls and found this beautiful flower on the ground.  

Local haunted house!

My sister (on the right) and her best friend who lives in Madison.  They met in college at Purdue and were roommates while there.  They have remained dear friends and have been there for each other through some pretty tough times.  I'm so glad that my sister has someone like her in her life.

Old barn at the winery

Before we left, we ate at a near-by winery which also has a beautiful greenhouse on the premise.  


So cute!

Homemade dill chicken salad, fruit , and an edible pansy grown in their greenhouse.  I was too chicken to try it!

These beauties adorned our table

Until next time...

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