Thursday, May 9, 2013

Now the Work Begins

It's the time of year when yards are blooming with color and I get the urge to fill my planters with geraniums, impatiens, petunias, ivy, sweet potato vines, and the list goes on and on.  Every year I tell myself that I am going to cut back on the number of planters that I plant.  Every year I forget that I told myself that.  Surveying our yard this week,I realized that the yard is screaming for color.  Mother's Day seems like the perfect time to bring gardens to life, and mine is no exception.  So, this weekend I will be on the hunt for plants and flowers to fill my yard with the colors of the rainbow.

A pop of color from our perennials

Limes, yellows, and greens brighten up the drive

Poolside containers waiting for color

My favorite view from our drive

Circle drive 

Our big back yard...mostly corn field

Redbud early Mother's Day gift!

Momma Girl, my "cat-dog" always on guard

Yes, it really is a deer head in a tree.  My husband's fall deer. Since our basement fireplace is flanked with mounted deer heads and antlers, he decided to adorn our hollowed out tree with the head.  This has greeted our guests all winter as they drive up to our house.
  Soon it will be replaced with a cascading
basket of ivy, asparagus fern, and trailing petunias.

In just a few weeks our yard will be transformed from colorless to colorful.  Let the fun begin!

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