Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day at the Lake

All my husband wanted for Father's Day was a trip around the lake being pulled behind our boat. Kym and Kali woke Kevin and I up very early so that we could get on the water before the lake got choppy.  The morning was off to a good start.  "Captain Kym" boated over to the usual starting point where Kevin got on his gear and jumped into the cool but refreshing water.  We were the only boat on the water so the lake was his playground.  However, with the rain the night before and a slight wind, the water was a little choppy.  So he only made one lap around the lake.  And that's when he noticed that we had water in the boat. This is NOT a good thing.  What a way to ruin a planned day of fun on the water.  We quickly headed back to our house before we took on more water.  Being an engineer, his mind was working at full speed trying to locate the cause of the problem.  After a few minutes he found the source of the problem: a broken connector on the coolant hose.  A quick trip to Menard's and we were back in business.  My husband is by far one of the smartest men that I know.  I guess that's what an engineering degree from Purdue gets you. 

First trip around the lake before we discovered water in the boat

Broken connector (:

Kali loves the lake!

Alyssa and Matt

Kym, Alyssa, and Matt take their turns skiing

Waiting to ski
Patriotic stars and stripes

Breakfast consisted of Tom's Donuts!

For lunch, Alyssa made burgers with goat cheese in the center.  She brushed naan with olive oil and garlic salt and then grilled them for a delicious alternative to a regular bun.  Spread roasted red pepper hummus on the grilled naan and wrap it around the burger.  It's a little bit of heaven in your mouth.

My "first" plate
Summer  bean salad, mango coleslaw, homemade potato salad (my mom's special recipe), watermelon of course, and homemade chocolate chip cookies were on the menu.

"Battle of the Braids"  (Kym on the left, Brooke on the right)

Just a few of Kali's toys.  She's not a bit spoiled.  The dirty, torn lamb is her favorite.  It's like her  security blanket.

Father's Day goodies!

View from our porch across the lake

The "castle" house across the lake 

Ariel, my mother-in-law's furry companion

The Big and the Small.  Probably looking at swans on the lake that they could chase.  

Alyssa floating away

Hobie sailboat across the lake

Loyal to both schools.  Now we just need a Ball State flag  and then we have all our schools covered.

Kevin and his girls

Kevin's mom spent the weekend with us to celebrate Father's Day.

Boat covered and house all buttoned up ready to head home.  Until next time...

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