Sunday, June 9, 2013

Water Ski or Trail Run...That is the Question

Well, since it was a tad bit chilly this morning, a Sunday morning trail run beat out a spin around the lake.  It seems like we are getting a bit wimpy in our old age. I'm referring to Kym and Kevin since I don't ski, I just go along to spot.  Anyway, we laced up our running shoes and headed to the state park to run our favorite trail.  However this time we had a time constraint because we had to finish our run before 10:30 so we could have breakfast at McDonald's.  (Didn't want to repeat our breakfast of donuts and Diet Coke two weeks in a row). Needless to say we finished in plenty of time to enjoy pancakes, scrambled eggs, and of course a Diet Coke!  To accomplish this, Kevin and Kym ran some pretty crazy splits. A 7.36 minute mile! On a trail! Of course I was huffing and puffing and couldn't keep up with them.  They graciously waited for me and said that I was speedy! Haha!  Here are some pictures of today's run.
Trail run...or...
Water Ski?

And the winner is...a trail run!


The picture on the right shows how far ahead of me they were. They were like specks on the trail!

Our lake house (the two story one in the middle) from across the lake.  (View from the trail)


I'm always bringing up the rear!
Can I sit down?

We were the sole runners on the trail today


Poison Ivy that I just can't get rid of

Kali waiting patiently for the OK to get in the water

Our neighbor's dog, Bear, weighs 125 lbs. and wears a flag on his back when riding on the boat.  Bear makes Kali look like a dwarf!
Found this at the recycling center today. We put it next to Kym's hubby's Harley.  I'm sure he will get a laugh from it.

Another summer weekend spent relaxing at the lake.  Looking forward to Father's Day weekend when Kevin will definitely want to ski!  


  1. Looks like so much fun! And you can absolutely sit down.

  2. Love the cardboard cut-out...Kali isn't too sure about it. Haha!