Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tiny but Mighty!

For over a year now I have been taking a Body Pump class at a nearby gymnastic/exercise studio.  A friend (who no longer does BP) asked me to join her and I did and I loved it! I started out going 2 days a week, then 3, and now I can only handle once a week. I even talked my 3 daughters into joining me for some classes.  The instructor is a friend of mine and is also a certified Piloxing instructor which she teaches right before the Body Pump class. She is incredibly fit (tiny but mighty).  Not only does she teach, she runs insanely fast, fast enough to qualify for a spot on the coveted NUUN Hood to Coast Relay Team! 

Originally I used the twice a week BP class as my cross-training days when I was training for my half-marathon PR (which I achieved in September of 2011).  But now, I go to keep my muscles strong so I can just continue running.  

I know I should be using heavier weights, but my hands just can't handle the added weight, thanks to Uncle Arthur. Some class members really load their barbells.  Last week I thought I would try the Piloxing class before Body Pump. The Piloxing routine was non-stop cardio boxing with some Pilates mixed in. The other ladies in the class were Zumba regulars so they were use to the quick dance moves.  Not me.  I was so uncoordinated that I was lagging behind for most of the 60 minutes of the class.  It was fun though, and I will try it again.  


  1. You are far too sweet! And trust me, you are not uncoordinated. It just takes time to get used to the moves. I am so glad that you come to my classes and, even more, enjoy them.

    1. I love the way you teach with no pressure but positive encouragement. You will make a great personal trainer/coach someday.