Sunday, January 5, 2014

A world of white

Waking up this morning I was excited to see the yard blanketed in white, powdery snow. It was like being a kid again when you knew that a snow day was forthcoming. But until I got the text that would extend my Christmas vacation for one more day, I prepared to get ready for school tomorrow by getting my intervention notes updated. Nothing like waiting to the last minute. When I finally got the official text, I decided to abandon my work and watch some football. After the nail-biting playoff games last night, I was ready for something a little less stressful. Both football games were good but none can compare to the Colt's-Chief's game last night!

A beautiful sunset last night before the storm
Getting some files updated

Our backyard

About 4" so far

It started snowing a little harder making it difficult to see across the field


Time for some football!
About 7" and still falling
The trees look magical

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