Friday, January 10, 2014

Back-packing Across Switzerland

When my husband and I decided to go to Switzerland this past September, we planned on traveling with just a backpack. This would allow us the freedom to avoid the checked baggage nightmare or worse yet, lost luggage.  A backpack would afford us the opportunity to take all our belongings with us and not feel like we were bogged down with stuff.  Even though we traveled with just a backpack (I also had a small cross-body purse too) we stayed at quaint bed and breakfast hotels with all the amenities.  On one of our hikes we ran into a couple from Iowa who lost their luggage the prior year on a trip to Europe. They told us that from that trip on, they travel with just a backpack. 

 However, my dilemma was that I didn't have a backpack that was lightweight enough to carry for 2 weeks and at the same time, roomy enough for my clothes and the all important souvenirs.  After doing some research, I found the website, The Best Travel Backpack Guide as a wonderful tool for my backpack search. This website offers a wide variety of backpack choices to accommodate the adventurous traveler to the college student to a backpack used for daily commutes to and from work.  The backpack I ended up taking to Switzerland was purchased from recommendations from this website.  I was able to pack 2 weeks of clothes and had plenty of room to spare for souvenirs. 

My Mountain Hardwear Backpack

Check out this website if you are in need for a backpack for a week long mountain hike or just a jaunt around town. You won't be disappointed!  

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