Monday, January 27, 2014

"Never Limit Where Running May Take You"...a night with Bart Yasso

Each January our local track club hosts a banquet to honor the runners in the community. Not only are the track club members honored, but three high school boys and girls are nominated for the Chris Brown Outstanding High School Distance Runner Award for their exceptional talent.  But the highlight of each year's banquet is the guest speaker. Past speakers have been Shalane Flanagan and Dave Wottle, both Olympic medalists.

 This year Bart Yasso was the guest speaker, and what a speaker he was. He has been with Runners World Magazine since 1987 and currently serves as their Chief Running Officer traveling the globe inspiring  people and spreading his love of running.  Bart shared tales from his life that are documented in his book, "My Life on the Run." I was lucky enough to talk to him and have him autograph my book.  I even brought along my copy of the Boston Marathon edition of Runners World for him to sign. Like they say, all good things must come to an end and unfortunately so did this incredible evening with Bart Yasso.   
A must read!
Meeting a running legend
Getting Bart Yasso's autograph
His running motto
Boston Edition of Runners World

Wrapping up his presentation
With yet another snow day, I headed to the basement for a treadmill workout inspired by Bart Yasso. 


  1. How very cool that your running group had Bart Yasso as a speaker! I met him a few years ago at Big Sur (got him to sign my book too!) and heard him speak - he's so entertaining and motivating and just an all-around nice guy. Big Bart fan over here. :)

    1. Did you run the Big Sur half or full marathon? I ran the half a few years ago and I will say it was one of the most beautiful places to run.

    2. I walked the 10.6 miler, which was on the full marathon course. Planned on running it, but ended up injuring my ankle. Honestly, not having to run was nice because my friends and I enjoyed the scenery, took tons of pictures, and had a great time. I wouldn't mind going back and doing it again one day.

    3. I did the half which was at a different time. We didn't cross the bridge but ran through Monterey and skirted around Pebble Beach. I too would love to go back and run/walk it again.